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Project Consultant



The Anishinabek Nation is seeking a project consultant to lead the development of the Anishinabek Nation Forestry Capacity Materials & Training Inventory. Through research and analysis, community engagement, and facilitation of Working Group meetings the project consultant will identify forestry sector opportunities and obstacles to inform capacity development, identify potential projects and next steps, and develop capacity building materials in the area of forestry.


The Anishinabek Nation (AN) incorporated the Union of Ontario Indians as its secretariat in 1949.  The Anishinabek Nation is a political advocate for 39 First Nations throughout the province of Ontario from Golden Lake in the east, Sarnia in the south, Thunder Bay and Lake Nipigon in the North. The 39 First Nations have an approximate combined population of 65,000 citizens. The AN has four strategic regional areas, Southwest, Southeast, Lake Huron and Northern Superior. Each region is represented by a Regional Deputy Grand Council Chief.

The AN has its head office located on Nipissing First Nation, just outside of North Bay, Ontario and has satellite offices in Fort William First Nation, Curve Lake First Nation and Munsee-Delaware First Nation. The AN delivers a variety of programs and services, such as Economic Development, Lands and Resources, Health, Social Services, Education, Strategic Initiatives and Communications, in addition to providing the necessary forum for collective First Nation action on issues through the Chiefs in Assembly.

To learn more about the AN, please visit our website at


The Anishinabek Nation recognizes the importance of member First Nations’ forestry to not only their traditional ways of life but also to sustaining their communities’ needs. The forests on many of our Nations’ territories provide directly through responsible extraction and processing – and the employment opportunities those activities create –  and indirectly through the harvesting of carbon credits by preserving forests and impact benefit agreements through third-party development. To seize the opportunities and avoid pitfalls First Nations require up-to-date information about the projects taking place across the Anishinabek Nation; the tools, resources, and expertise necessary to strike partnerships and navigate the industry; and the capacity to support projects, spur innovation, and become significant contributors to the industry.

The community-led Forestry Working Group will guide the development of the Anishinabek Nation Forestry Strategy. The Working Group will be comprised of First Nations technicians who operate in one or both of economic development and forestry, other community representatives with in-depth knowledge of the industry, and Elder(s). The Working Group will meet regularly (monthly or more frequently if necessary) to provide perspectives and track opportunities and threats at the regional level.


The Anishinabek Nation Economic Development department is seeking a project consultant to:

Engage with the Forestry Working Group and Project Team to identify community-specific needs for tools and training to allow them to fully engage with opportunities in the forestry sector;
Identify the necessary components of a Forestry Business Toolkit to support business planning and economic development in the forestry sector, including but not limited to modelling partnership agreements, resource revenue sharing agreements, and impact benefit agreements;
Develop Forestry Business Toolkit components identified above;
Develop training workshop outlines;
Gather relevant skills and training materials and resources to supplement training workshop outlines; and
Create an Anishinabek Nation Forestry Capacity Building report in support of the Anishinabek Forestry Strategy.


One  (1) draft copy of the Anishinabek Nation Forestry Capacity Building Report (electronic in Word format);
One (1) final copy of the Anishinabek Nation Forestry Capacity Building Report (electronic in Word format);
Forestry Business Toolkit – on USB and on accessible online folder;
Skills & Training workshop outlines and materials (electronic in Word format); and
All supporting documentation that was utilized for the development of the aforementioned deliverables (electronic).


The total budget for this project should not exceed $15,000. The total budget for this project must include all costs associated with personnel, travel, key informant interviews, preparation of reports and required documentation, overhead costs, all eligible taxes and any other anticipated expenditures.

7.0       TIMEFRAME

The project will run from June 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023.


To ensure your proposal is considered for evaluation, it must include the following:

Cover Letter

Dated and signed by a person authorized to negotiate and make commitments, and provide clarification with respect to the proposal on behalf of the bidding proponent or firm;
A statement indicating the proponents understanding of the proposed project and the deliverables required;
Reference the title of the RFP;
Indicate the capacity of the proponent to complete the project; and
The name of a single point of contact from your company.

Proposed Project Plan

A proposed project plan, with timelines, that indicates the steps to be taken from the start of the contract to the final deliverable.


Provide examples of previous relevant work experience; and
Identify the qualifications and experiences of the project team.

Costs and Charges

Provide an all-inclusive fixed-cost quotation for this project; and
Identify the expected costs and their allocation.

9.0       INQUIRIES

All inquiries about this request for proposals should be directed to:

Dawn Lambe, Policy Analyst, Economic Development


Telephone: 1-877-702-5200 or (705) 497-9127 ext. 2245


As a potential supplier of these professional services, you are invited to submit a proposal to provide professional 3rd-party contractor services in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed in this document.

Please submit your proposal by fax to:


Attention: Dawn Lambe



Proposal packages must be clearly marked: Anishinabek Nation Capacity Materials and Training

Closing Date and Time: Proposals must be received by May 15, 2023, at 4:30pm. Proposals received after the closing time will not be considered.

Project Completion: The project completion deadline is August 31, 2023, by 4:30pm.


Upon closing, proposals will be reviewed for completeness. Only completed proposals will be brought forward to the selection committee for further consideration and a final decision. 

Eligible proposals will be evaluated based on the response guidelines in section 8.0.


The AN reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to accept the proposal deemed most favorable to the interests of the AN and its partners.

The AN reserves the right to seek clarification and supplementary information from proponents after the submission deadline.

Proponents will be notified in writing once a selection has been made.


The AN will enter into a contractual agreement with the preferred proponent. The AN, at any time, and without liability, may withdraw from negotiations with any potential proponent.

The successful proponent will be required to comply with the AN’s COVID-19 directives and polices. The successful proponent will be provided copies of all applicable directives and policies prior to the completion of contract negotiations.


The AN will not be responsible for any costs incurred by a proponent in preparing and submitting proposals. The AN accepts no liability of any kind to a proponent prior to the signing of a contract.
Submissions of a proposal shall not obligate, nor should it be construed as obligating the AN, to accept any such proposal, or to proceed further with the project. The AN may, in their sole discretion, elect not to proceed with the project, and may elect not to accept any, or all proposals for any reason.
A proponent may amend or withdraw their proposal prior to the closing date and time specified in the request for proposals by way of written notice to the AN.
Proposals submitted shall be final and may not be altered by subsequent offerings, discussions, or commitments, unless the proponent is requested to do so by the AN.
The proponent must identify any information in its proposal that it considers to be confidential or proprietary.
All proposals and accompanying documentation received under this competition will become the property of the AN, and will not be returned.
The AN has reserved the right to waive minor non-compliance by a proponent with the requirements of the RFP. This will allow the AN to consider and possibly accept, any proposal which is advantageous, even though the proposal may be non-compliant in some minor respect.
The AN reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any and all proposals.
The AN reserves the right to cancel and/or re-issue this request for proposals at any time, for any reason, without penalty.
Prices quoted are to be held firm for a minimum of 90 days following the RFP closing date, and shall remain in effect through the duration of an agreement.
The proponent’s proposal shall form part of the contractual agreement by attachment, and will be incorporated for reference. Claims made in the proposal shall constitute contractual warranties. Any provision in the proposal may be included in the contractual agreement as direct provisions thereof.
The successful proponent agrees to obtain and maintain all professional certification and licenses necessary to lawfully provide the services required under this request for proposal.
By submitting a proposal, the proponent agrees and acknowledges that it will provide for the duration of the project, the full complement of staff required to perform the work of the project, including the specific individuals identified in its proposal. These key personnel shall remain assigned for the duration of the project unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the AN. In the event the proponent wishes to substitute any key personnel, the individual(s) proposed must demonstrate similar qualifications and experience as required, to successfully perform such duties.
Intellectual property and any data associated with this project is the express property of the AN.

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