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Metaverse for

Our Smart Cubes are focused on corporations and SMBs, offering everything they need to sell and service their customers in a customizable, easy-to-use and mobile-first VR environment, with an affordable SaaS model.

Metaverse for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the bridge between communities and companies, acting as the first commercial force to attract users, energize the groups and grow Evveland metaverse in a scalable and organic way.

Metaverse for

Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, Universities, NGOs and other organizations are demanding an immersive experiencie to achieve a higher level of interaction with their members.

Looking for Web3 real value?

Lower barriers of entry

  • Easy, Fast and Customizable.
  • Choose the monthly plan that best suits your needs, a smart cube from our varied catalog and do the on-boarding in just a few hours.

Immediate monetization

  • eCommerce, SaaS and Subscriptions
  • Events, Advertising and Networking

Better performance

  • 7x higher engagement than traditional web.
  • Evveland uses Blockchain technology to offer NFT collections and our own utility token, for better liquidity and interoperability.



1 Year Metrics

  • Communities Hosted: 18
  • Companies onboarded: +500
  • Registered Users: +15.000
  • Unique Visitors: +25.000
  • Views: +70.000

In less than one year, Evveland has achieved a solid product/market fit and proven it has a product and model that is ready for mass market adoption.

Metaverse for Business

Choose your smart cube

A monetizable and direct URL, easy to promote and get traffic.

With AI chat bot.

SaaS from $10 to $50 monthly fee, without upfront.

The easiest and fastest way to monetize in the new Web3.

Several types to choose:

  • Shop
  • Exhibition Stand 
  • Art Gallery
  • Classroom
  • Networking Lounge
  • Game Room
  • Auditorium
  • Venue

Metaverse for entrepreneurs

Run your own business

If you have entrepreneurial skills and want to take advantage of this new technological era, your place is Evveland.

You will be the able to manage your own venue, for lead and energize communities, creating events and atracting clients.

Multiple and immediate income sources:

  • Renting the Events Venue to third parties: from $500 / day.
  • Renting Smart Cubes to community members: SaaS from $10 to $50 / month.
  • Others income resources: NFT ticketing, Sponsors, eCommerce, Advertising, Live Streamig, etc.

Metaverse for communities

Go up to the next level

No matter what kind of community you have, wether it’s city or industry oriented, they’re all welcome to Evveland.

A chamber of commerce, an environment NGO or an international pharma looking for a better place to interact with their members, hold meetings, educate themselves and grow together.

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